Lead group runs with confidence


From creating custom to sharing routes, we've got you covered.


Easily Share Routes

Organize, post and share running groups routes with RunGo Groups. Run leaders can now create a custom group allowing group members to easily see upcoming routes and previous runs.


Custom Route Mapping

Create your own turn-by-turn voice navigated routes for your group. Our Route Creator allows you to build road and trail routes, add custom voice messages such as "don't forget to hydrate".


Track Running Stats

Your group will be able to track their individual pace, calories burned, time, and distance. Interval training is only available on iOS.

Last year, I set up a series of 8 runs during the months of May and June. Each run explored a different area of our city, Greensboro, NC. This is where the RunGoApp came in so handy. I created the routes using RunGo and each Pace Guide Leader used the app to guide their group through the routes. One runner described the runs as a “Field Trip for Runners.” The app was awesome because it gave each pace guide leader turn-by-turn voice directions”
— Thad McLaurin Runner Dude's Fitness LLC