Creating local Experiences.  


Allow your guest to explore the surroundings of your property like a local.


How it works



Create fun, safe and custom routes with or without the help of our experts.


Show and share the curated routes with your guests within seconds. 



Guests will enjoy their run or walk as if they were locals.


Routes are optimized to avoid dangerous areas and highlight the beauty of the city. 

Most navigation apps calculate the fastest route from A to B. RunGo on the other hand will work in conjunction with your team to create routes which avoid danger and highlight the beauty of the city, ensuring your guest's safety.


Guided Running Tours

RunGo can offer city running tours starting at a property and promote your partners, such as restaurants, with custom messages in app, prompting guests to visit them during their stay.


Voice navigation will guide guests along the way.

 The concierge plays a vital role in providing positive customer experiences. The RunGo platform has been developed to allow your concierge to offer a premium service to guests, unlike any other current navigation solution. 



With our intuitive geo-location feature, guests and individuals within 50m/55yd of your property will be presented with your property at the top of the list.

Works Offline

RunGo allows guests to explore a new city without the need of an expensive data plan.


Custom Hotel Route Page

A custom branded page which allows you to organize, and showcase your routes.

Custom Hotel Route Creation

You can use the running route creator to create and share new routes.


Custom Route Cards

Custom route card designs can be requested anytime throughout the year, and includes routes considered the best places to run based on distance and season. 


RunGo for Apple Watches

An option to lend Apple Watches to your guests as they explore the city is available as well. The Apple Watches will be loaded with all the necessary apps needed.

Each of the watches will have your own branded version of RunGo app installed. 

The app will allow guests to be guided through their chosen run/walk route with voice navigation and haptic feedback without the need for a physical map or phone.

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RunGo is a property’s state-of-the-art, innovative hospitality service enhancing the customer's experience.

Please contact us for a demo and
to learn more about our solution.

 Sarah Newcomer, Marketing Manager, Monarch Beach Resort

Sarah Newcomer, Marketing Manager, Monarch Beach Resort