Every runner who travels has a story of a run from their hotel gone wrong: an unmemorable route, getting lost, getting stuck, or worse. With RunGo, hotels instantly create their running program, and guests run and train and explore like locals.


How it works



We provide the onsite tactics, design assets, and printed route cards to your hotel property.



Guests can choose a running route from the hotel's RunGo mobile site or app, download the route to avoid any roaming usage, and start running. They can walk or run while keeping their eyes up on the surroundings, without maps to distract, and with nothing less than the best routes. Show off local points of interest with custom voice messages, and up-sell products on your property upon their return.


Features that delight your guests


Create or grow your hotel's running program instantly

Stand out with a hotel running initiative as part of your fitness program. Or scale up existing guided local runs by staff. Send your guests on great runs anytime!


Allow your guests to exercise like a local

When travelling, many guests want to live and exercise like a local and explore all the unique sights every city has to offer, and active guests want the ability to keep up with their fitness schedule. Together, we provide only the best run routes, with options to suit everyone.


Runners rave about hotels with a RunGo program

Attract runners to stay your hotel, build loyalty from travellers who run, and stand out from vacation rentals. Stay up to date on your program's success with our analytics tools.


Safe and verified running routes

RunGo provides, customizes, and verifies running routes starting from your hotel so guests can run safe, verified, local running routes whenever they want. No more scribbled printed maps or generic easier-to-remember routes!

Voice means distraction-free

RunGo routes are powered by voice navigation, so travellers keep their eyes up:

  • Turn-by-turn directions: "Turn slight left onto Village Walk at the Plato statue." 

  • Custom Messages: "This is a great spot to take a picture!"

  • Point of Interest: "Mount Seymour on your right."

  • Custom messages also can recommend a hotel service at the end of a run: "Finish at the lobby juice counter for a recovery juice."

Easily share the route via our free apps

Our iPhone, Android, Apple Watch, and web apps provide detailed audio directions to follow safely and without the distractions of maps. RunGo also provides marketing collaterals and tactics to ensure your guests are aware of your running program.

Not just runners, but any neighborhood tour

Routes can be extended for guests to walk local tours.

Works offline & in 9 languages

Download routes in advance, and your guests can explore a new city without using data. RunGo routes can include audio directions in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, Japanese, and Chinese.

Create new routes on the fly

Concierge and hotel staff can build safe, one-off routes on the fly using our route creator tools and share them immediately to your guest.

Concierge mapping for guest directions


For many years, hotel and concierge staff has helped guests with local directions by marking up a paper map of the hotel’s surroundings. A concierge desk can spend 20% of its time or more helping their guests this very way, often for repetitive routes.

It’s now time to replicate that experience digitally, with an iPad and an Apple Pencil. You’ll save time, staffing costs, long waits, and paper, while giving your guests a digital version of the map, interaction with their current geolocation on the map, and a memorable experience.

What RunGo users say

As a runner, I really appreciated that the resort had set up runs on the RunGo app. The 5.4 mile run was breathtakingly beautiful besides a rigorous workout with the elevation changes. Definitely recommend this resort!! I can’t wait to go back!
— TripAdvisor review
Only running app with turn by turn directions... 30+ turns on new roads that I wasn’t about to memorize.
— iPhone user review
This is a must-have for business traveller who likes to run/jog. Help to explore new area. Very good and attentive customer service as well.
— iPhone user review
RunGo was a great way to get a feel of the areas and feel more secure running by myself.
— Jess

Stand out to your guests and future guests

How a new technology allows guests to run like a local... A large portion of guests visiting Monarch Beach Resort are runners and walkers, and the team assists guests daily with the best places to run, walk and hike. Like most hotels and resorts worldwide, the resort used to provide them with paper maps or verbal directions on where to go... From interviews with our guests using the app we have learned that
they appreciate the technology and prefer it over the previous solutions offered. They can leave the map at home and for the first time truly enjoy the views and beauty of Dana Point and its surrounding areas just as if they are locals.
The fitness experts at Miraval Life in Balance Spa were looking to offer our active hotel guests something special and simple to enjoy the surrounding areas. By introducing this new app we made the whole experience seamless.
— Ian Pullan, Vice President and General Manager
Sarah Newcomer, Marketing Manager, Monarch Beach Resort

Sarah Newcomer, Marketing Manager, Monarch Beach Resort



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