Run the World, Episode 2: Howe Sound Crest Trail


In Run the World series, RunGo’s team of run-loving employees will take you on a tour of their favourite runs around the world. Each run will feature a different region, with tons of photos to get you motivated and a link to RunGo’s route, so you can follow the run with voice navigation. Whether it’s road or trail, it will be something to add to your running bucket list. 

Episode 2: Howe Sound Crest Trail, just outside of Vancouver, Canada Distance: 29km Elevation Change: Depends on the direction you travel! The extra challenging way is from Porteau Cove to Cypress, and offers 2,600 meters of elevation gain. (That's a whopping 8,530 feet!) The *slightly* easier, still very challenging way is Cypress to Porteau Cove, offering 1,830 meters of elevation gain! (Still 6,000 feet!) RunGo Route to Follow:Howe Sound Crest Trail 29k Running Club to Invite: Club Fat Ass

Why You’ll Love it

This run is a true classic, a runner's and hiker's favourite near to RunGo's home base in beautiful Vancouver, BC. The point to point run takes you along a ridge with panoramic views of British Columbia's Howe Sound. Run in-between the iconic, granite Lions, gallop past alpine lakes and through technical rock scree, and feel challenged with both great climbs up and down, and technical trail underfoot. When you're not stunned by the view overhead, you'll be entertained with the challenging terrain-- rocks, routes, and nearby cliffs!


Beware of trying this in winter, unless you're trained in winter travel! We advise traveling the route once you're sure it's free of snow-- August and September are great times to go run it! Because you'll be up on a ridge, this run is best during a day with good weather. Also, be aware that this is a point to point route, we recommend having two cars for the trip-- one at each end-- as their isn't any public transportation in this area. Finally, don't be surprised if this takes you a full 8 hours to run-- much of it is very technical and almost hiking pace!

Eye Candy

More great photos can be found on the Trails BC website!

Happy trails!