Run the World, Episode 1: Ship's Stern Circuit


In Run the World series, RunGo's team of run-loving employees will take you on a tour of their favourite runs around the world. Each run will feature a different region, with tons of photos to get you motivated and a link to RunGo's route, so you can follow the run with voice navigation. Whether it's road or trail, it will be something to add to your running bucket list. 

Episode 1: Ship's Stern Circuit, Lamington National Park, Australia Distance: 21km Elevation Change: 1576 meter cumulative elevation change

Why You'll Love it

This run takes you through one of the most beautiful rainforests we've ever seen. Discover waterfalls, open views of lush, cascading valleys, and be treated to soft, rolling terrain that keeps you feeling fresh. What's more, Lamington National Park treats you with a temperature that is much cooler than the Gold Coast's typical scorching temperatures.


Beware of leeches! These little critters are harmless though, and good motivation to run faster!

Eye Candy

Foggy Valley
Foggy Valley

RunGo Route to Follow:Ship's Stern Circuit 

Happy trails!