Turn Strava segments into routes with turn-by-turn voice navigation on RunGo

Many people, when they travel, will search for Strava running segments and try to run a few of them as they explore a new city. Or even their own, in new ways!

Strava segments are a great way to see where locals are pushing themselves and to challenge yourself against them. But we hear that once you identify and try to run some segments, you’re still missing them, taking a wrong turn, or even getting lost.

Check out this new RunGo feature: go from Strava segments to a route to run, all in about a minute. It allows complete control of the route: which segments you get to run, where you can go before and after the segments, satellite and alternate map views, and ability to edit at any time. Pump out a custom, perfect route quickly for your phone or Apple Watch with turn-by-turn voice navigation.

Find the feature in the web route creator under Tools -> Strava -> My Starred Segments. It’s live now for RunGo Premium accounts, at routes.rungoapp.com.

Drop your route starting points, and head to Tools -> Strava integrations

Drop your route starting points, and head to Tools -> Strava integrations

Why voice navigation? We love running without having to refer to a map or our phones to check our directions. We think that voice is the communications technology of the future, and, right now, an unbeatable and simple way to follow and enjoy your perfect running route.

Here’s a video demo, just 98 seconds until you’re running:

And here’s that epic running route in Vancouver from the demo:

This is still in development, and we’re really excited about this feature and what we have planned for it!

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