RunGo Partnerships

We’re partnering with experts including some of the largest running communities in the world, world renowned hotel, resort and fitness chains, and a diverse group of organizations focussed on accessibility. 

Running Communities

RunGo partners with the largest running communities in the world to not only introduce the RunGo app to more runners, but also support these communities to create, and share the best, most fun, safest, and latest runs in their region.

Contact us if you want to learn how RunGo can support you and your running community. 

Hotels and Resorts

RunGo offers hotels and resorts a turnkey solution which does not involve pen and paper, but a device used by billions of people: a smartphone.

RunGo will, in conjunction with the staff, create custom, safe, and popular running and walking routes around their properties, and make them available to guests using the free RunGo app within seconds. 


We believe that technology should enable and inspire everyone to exceed expectations. 

Visit our blog or watch this video to learn how RunGo ambassador Rose Kamma Sarkany, diagnosed with Usher Syndrome, is using the RunGo App.