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Our mission at RunGo is to encourage people to explore their world and prioritize their well-being. Our company is based in Vancouver, Canada.

RunGo is the #1 running app for discovering the best routes in the world with turn-by-turn voice navigation. RunGo is available for iPhone, Apple Watch, Android, and the web. Build your own route, or select one of the 300,000+ routes worldwide, and let RunGo guide you. RunGo also tracks your run stats like time, pace, splits, distance, elevation, and progress through your route.

The app proudly feature zero ads, and a paid premium upgrade is available for power users.



Working on a RunGo story? Working on a story about local experiences when you travel, the new age of well-being at hotels, the growth of running over the past decade, accessibility and running for blind people, or innovations in Apple Watch apps and AR?

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How to find great running routes everywhere you travel (July 2019)

“A phone can be a runner’s key to the city […] the RunGo app, which includes many runs that start from hotels. The latter also speaks the directions as you run, reducing the need to keep stopping to look at your phone.”


Apple’s accessibility efforts land Canadian Helen Keller award in deaf-blind achievement (May 2019)

“Accessibility should be a necessity and not an option and I think that’s what Craig and RunGo app are doing. It’s making a necessary thing for everyone and it’s nice to see technology be so inclusive,” said Sarkany.


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“These are our favorite digital tools for getting there, getting around, and getting a better travel experience.”


Apple: Accessibility is a Human Right. Vector with Rene Ritchie (May 2019)

Rene Ritchie on RunGo: "So blind people can still get out and run. Can you imagine the freedom and sense of empowerment that comes from that?"


15 best travel apps for your next trip

“Keeping fit while traveling can be hard work. It's often difficult to find running routes in unfamiliar places, but the RunGo app helps you discover suitable and safe itineraries near your current location.”


Designing for The Great Outdoors: Solving The UX Challenges of Outdoor App Use

“On the Watch app, everything was tappable. You had to tap whether you want to pause or stop your run navigation. We’re based in Vancouver, Canada, and it rains a lot. The screen often wouldn’t work when you tapped, so the challenge was how can the user continue using the app in these real-world conditions.”


Origin Story

Craig Slagel was a runner with a bad sense of direction who created a running app with turn-by-turn audio navigation to prevent him from getting lost.

Slagel, who’s originally from London, England, was working in the visual effects industry for Hollywood movies, living in United States and Canada, and traveling a ton. When he’d go running in foreign cities, he’d often get lost. Once, while on a business trip to Tokyo, he set out on what he hoped would be an hour-long run with a map provided by his hotel. Two hours later, he was lost and late for his morning meeting. (He admits he doesn’t have a great sense of direction.)

“I’d spend all this time trying to figure out a route, memorize it and still get lost anyway,” Slagel said. “I just wanted to go and run. I was an early adopter of car GPS systems and I thought, there should be something like this for running, too.”

So he built a first-of-its-kind hands-free app with turn-by-turn voice navigation, designed for runners. RunGo works offline, if routes are downloaded ahead of time, and like other fitness apps, it tracks time, distance, pace, elevation and calories burned, plus it can give speech updates on distance and pace and runners can add custom audio messages. Picture being near the end of your run and your phone telling you to pick up the pace for the final stretch or sharing insight on local landmarks or spots to grab water.

Around the same time, Craig adopted his retired guide dog Dynasty. Some friends mentioned that he should use her to guide his runs as he had a reputation of getting lost. Inspired by Dynasty to develop a running guide app and with a small team of developers, they created RunGo, a running app that would help people find running routes and help direct them along the way.

Since launching the app, RunGo has worked with the BC and Alberta Guide Dogs and visually impaired runners for feedback on in creating an “eyes-free” navigation experience.

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When You Travel

Running is the best way to explore a city when you travel. With routes around the world, curated by passionate locals showing off the best of their city and by RunGo’s hotel partners, you can enjoy your run at your own pace with voice navigation to keep you on track and your eyes up. No more distractions from printed maps or digital maps stuck on your screen!


Why Voice Navigation?

Explore routes with clear voice directions as you approach each turn. Get notified when you go off route and have the option to share your exact location in real time with others. RunGo is accessible and supports voiceover for visually impaired users.


RunGo for Hotels

Allow your guests to explore the surroundings of your property like a local with curated, digitized, voice-navigated routes.

RunGo builds digital running programs for hotels around the world. These programs have been extended into city walking, hiking, and biking programs. Recently, RunGo offers concierge mapping tools for digital guest directions, replicating the ubiquitous large city paper maps marked up by hotel staff. The world has gone digital, hotel guests expect it, and hotels no longer need to go through thousands of paper maps every year. Learn more at


RunGo and Accessibility

We believe that technology should enable and inspire everyone to exceed expectations. There are many running apps available, but the most powerful app is the app which everyone, including people with disabilities, can use. With that goal in mind, we developed the RunGo app. Learn more at


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Testimonials and Quotes

"It's often difficult to find running routes in unfamiliar places, but the RunGo app helps you discover suitable and safe itineraries near your current location."

“This is a must-have for business traveller who likes to run/jog. Helps to explore new area. Very good and attentive customer service as well.” - iPhone user review

“Only running app with turn by turn directions... 30+ turns on new roads that I wasn’t about to memorize.” - iPhone user review

"Like most hotels and resorts worldwide, the resort used to provide them with paper maps or verbal directions on where to go... From interviews with our guests using the app we have learned that they appreciate the technology and prefer it over the previous solutions offered." Read our case study at

“RunGo was a great way to get a feel of the areas and feel more secure running by myself.” - Jess