March 25, 2015


Meet our Ambassadors

Our Ambassadors are leaders in their community, runners who love to share their favourite runs with friends. We are so excited for you to meet them! Make sure to try their favourite run if you’re headed to their hometown, and connect with them on their websites and social media!

Jacki Amato

Jacki Amato
hometown: maple ridge, BC

fav run: vancouver’s seawall

blog: 1 happy pace

find me: @jacki_66


Charmaine McGhie

Charmaine McGhie

hometown: orlando, FL

fav run: island lake

blog: nutritiously fit

find me: @nutritiouschar


Alanna Markley

Alanna Markley

hometown: germantown, MD

fav run: 10.5k germantown loop

blog: madeleines & marathons


Alexis Reed

Alexis Reed

hometown: silver spring, MD

fav run: sligo creek trail 10k

blog: flecks of lex

find me: @flecksoflex


Allison Szedlock


hometown: northern virginia

fav run: washington monument tour

blog: life’s a bowl

find me: @lifesabowl


Aly Lansky

Aly Lansky

 hometown: oswego, IL

fav run: lewis trail

blog: running with your heart

find me: @runswithheart


Amanda Medau

amanda medau

hometown: houston, TX

fav run: steeplechase

blog: mommy go run

find me: @mommygorun

Ashley Harris

Ashley Harris

hometown: alabama

fav run: still deciding…

blog: fit n healthy diva

find me: @ashlea1908


Cindy Jenkins

Cindy Jenkins

hometown: anaheim, CA

fav run: santiago creek trail 

blog: the prickly pear

find me: @thepricklypear


Donna Marie Biggerstaff

Donna Marie Biggerstaff

hometown: pendleton, OR

fav run: still deciding…

blog: blessings and babble

find me: @osubaseballmom


Erica House

Erica House

hometown: orland, CA

fav run: still deciding…


Jackie ApshireJackieA

hometown: silsbee, TX

fav run: lumberton city park


Jeska Blevins


hometown: gilbert, AZ

fav run: Jeska’s half park

blog: so i will run

find me: @soiwillrun


Julie Mullins

Julie Mullins

hometown: dallas, OR

fav run: newport marathon

blog: live simply with julie

find me: @jerrysgirlruns


Kiersten Pfeifer

Kiersten P

hometown: south portland, maine

fav run: still deciding…

blog: mainely running

find me: @kierstendawn


Laura Swenson

Laura Swen

hometown: tucson, AZ

fav run: still deciding…

blog: defining fitness

find me: @swensurfers


Lauren Boldizar

Lauren Boldizar

hometown: runnemede, NJ

fav run: my weekend run

blog: holistic fit fam


Leslie BranamLeslie Branam

hometown: austin, TX

fav run: downtown austin

blog: a runderful life

find me: @BranamLeslie


Mollie Millington


hometown: rochester, NY (now london, UK)

fav run: mollie’s loop

blog: pt mollie

find me: @PTmollie


Sharon Hanks

Sharon Hanks

hometown: bothell, WA

fav run: canal trail run

blog: run hike play

find me: @shanks324


Tymikia Glenn



hometown: milan, TN

fav run: johnnie hale loop

find me: @tymikia_glenn


Morgan Dunn

Morgan Dunn

hometown: brisbane, AUS

fav run: spring creek to
loggers lake

blog: thatgirlmorgs

find me: @thatgirlmo


Kim Prytherch 

kimmie pcft

hometown: point pleasant, NJ

fav run: still deciding…

blog: barking mad about running

find me: @barkingmadrun


Stephanie Garrett

Stephanie Garrett

hometown: lakeville, MN

fav run: still deciding…

blog: run steph run

find me: @masters2marathn


Kathy Howe

Kathy Howe

hometown: madison, WI

fav run: still deciding…

blog: tri’ing for 140.6

find me: @kathyjhowe


Craig Slagel 


hometown: london, UK
(now vancouver, BC)

fav run: HURT 100

blog: craig’s ultra blog

find me: @craigslagel




hometown: vancouver, BC

fav run: HURT 100

blog: dash for dogs

find me: @rungoapp


Jes Cross

Jes Cross - Running Yogi

hometown: victoria, BC

fav run: still deciding…

blog: running yogi

find me: @running_yogi


April Mims


hometown: the colony, TX

fav run: chisholm trail

blog: everyday fitness and nutrition

find me: @everyday_fitnes


Kristen K


hometown: anchorage, AK

fav run: still deciding…

blog: run away with kristen k

find me: @runawaywithkk


Rachael Novello


hometown: georgetown, MA

fav run: rachael’s 3 mile run

blog: rachael novello fitness

find me: @rachaelnovello


Lynsey Day

Lynsey Day

hometown: reno, nevada

fav run: La Jolla Cove Loop

blog: run love

find me: @soleful_runner


Emily Guenther

Emily C

hometown: chicago

fav run: still deciding…

blog: gym and tonic em

find me: @ecapdevielle


Greg Paskal


hometown: plano, TX

fav run: white rock lake – CCW NE Loop

blog: venture runs

find me: @gregpaskal


Alicia Woodside

alicia CC2013 (3) (1)

hometown: vancouver, BC

fav run: mt hood timberline trail

blog: not running for gold

find me: @gingerunner


Katie Wadden

Katie Wadden

hometown: st. john’s, NFLD

fav run: east coast trail

blog: move your body

find me: @kwadden